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Name:Faultless Recipes: Food from the Faultless Pajama
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
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Community description:A collection of recipes we've enjoyed or want to try.
A place to record, collate, and browse for recipes we've enjoyed here at the Faultless Pajama Factory.

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always keep some pasta and garlic in the pantry, always proof the yeast (or just make beer bread), bacon is why i can't be a vegetarian, baking, bread, bread the old-fashioned way, breakfast for dinner, butter is the best, calibrating your oven, cheese is my weakness, cheese is why i can't be a vegan, chicken is just a carrier for sauce, convection does it evenly on all sides, cooking for geeks, crème brûlée is an excuse for a blowtorch, dessert for dinner, did you know wegman's has 4 types of dried figs?, eat food - not too much - mostly plants, eats shoots and leaves, food, have i mentioned i love my dishwasher, hot milk cake is the only cake you need, how did i live without an oven-and-a-half, i forget how long it takes to peel garlic, i'm hungry, ice cream is an perfect excuse for liquid n2, if it goes horribly wrong you can order pizza, if you make a mess you're doing it right, ikea makes the best butcher block countertops, it's dangerous having a gourmet grocer next door, kitchen chemistry, kosher salt & fresh pepper make everything better, maryland blue crab is the only kind of crab, myosin & actin are proof that medium rare is best, new foods, new recipes, nothing cheers me up like wegman's cheese counter, nothing like kneading to work out frustrations, plants animals and minerals are all delicious, recipes, she who cooks doesn't clean up, stock in the slow cooker, sugar is the secret to perfect corn on the cob, thank goodness there's a grocer across the street, the cast iron pan came with the house, the hello kitty waffle maker makes round waffles, the maillard reaction is your friend, what would kenji lópez-alt do?, what's for dinner?, who knew eggs were such a challenge, why does my wife hate all seafood except lobster?, you can't have too much garlic, you only need one pot but i'd rather have six
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